EIB - Supply of smart LED streetlights


Страна: Ямайка
Язык: EN
Номер: 7721482
Дата публикации: 13-02-2018
Источник: TED


The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS)has applied for a loan from the European Investment Bank towards the cost of various investments in the power system. This International Invitation for Tenders relates to the contract for the Supply of Smart LED Streetlights 2018.

This contract will include: The supply of smart LED (light emitting diode) fixtures of varying wattages along with smart controllers to be used to communicate with the fixtures. Communication with the fixtures shall include but not be limited to remotely reading the consumption of each fixture, providing a unique identifier and providing the dimming of fixtures when necessary.

This contract is expected to be implemented from 31.5.2018 to 31.12.2018.

The criteria to be used in the tender evaluation are:

Evaluation criteria: Price

Score (%): 60 %

Evaluation criteria: Lead time

Score (%): 15 %

Evaluation criteria: Capacity (Includes Financial Strength)

Score (%): 25 %

Evaluation criteria: Total

Score (%): 100 %

All firms are invited to participate in the tender.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from: David Ffrench, 113 Washington Boulevard, Kingston 20, Jamaica, 876-733-3618 (W), 876-485-5886 (M) dffrench@jpsco.com

A complete set of bidding documents will be made available electronically by contacting David Ffrench above or by visiting https://www.jpsco.com/rfp/

All bids must be delivered in closed envelopes bearing the mention “Supply of Smart LED Streetlights 2018” not later than 26.3.2018 (5:00 pm) (Local Jamaica Time). Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend on a date specified in the bidding document.